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It’s easy to resort to chemical drain cleaners when a sink or bathtub is clogged. They’re always readily available, and they claim to offer a quick solution to the problem. Unfortunately, while they may provide short-term relief, they could cause long-term damage to your drains and even your health.

As a trusted provider of reliable drain cleaning in Spokane, WA, Vietzke Drain & Rooter has extensive experience dealing with backed-up drains and clogged pipelines. We advise current and prospective clients to avoid using off-the-shelf chemical drain cleaners for the following reasons:

Discoloration of Plumbing Fixtures

Contact with a chemical drain cleaner will negatively affect some tile, ceramic, and metal plumbing fixtures. Repeated use of these products can cause staining, etching, and other visible damage that detract from the appearance of an otherwise neat and aesthetically pleasing space. Our professionally administered drain cleaning services are designed to be safe and non-damaging to all types of plumbing.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

When pouring a chemical-based cleaner into a clogged drain, the product can easily splash up onto clothing and cause fading and holes in the material. But never mind the damage it can do to fabric, these toxic substances have been known to cause skin irritation and respiratory problems in those who are exposed. This risks your family’s health and safety, especially young children and pets who could accidentally come in contact with the chemical.

General Ineffectiveness

Along with the many potential issues associated with caustic drain cleaners, these products simply don’t work as well as professional drain snaking and other expert drain cleaning methods. While they can address minor clogs, most off-the-shelf products aren’t designed to break up extensive, firmly entrenched blockages inside a pipeline.

When faced with a stubborn clog, don’t risk harm to your home and family with a chemical cleaner. Instead, turn to a reputable drain cleaning company like Vietzke Drain & Rooter. Our expert team will employ the most effective methods to get your drain flowing freely again.

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