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hydro jetting hose into an open drain Spokane Valley, WA

Hydro jetting is among the most effective methods of clearing out clogs and restoring your pipes to optimal condition. This technique uses high-pressure water jets to break apart and flush away debris, as well as rinse the inside of your pipes.

With hydro jetting in Spokane Valley, WA being one of our specialties, we at Vietzke Drain & Rooter share some of the common plumbing issues that this procedure can help you avoid:

Grease Buildup

This is a pervasive issue in both residential and commercial kitchens. And because water pressure alone is not enough to completely flush out the grease, it builds up over time and eventually clogs your pipes. Hydro jetting services can break apart these tough deposits before they get the chance to cause a major blockage.

Pipe Corrosion

If debris and other materials are not thoroughly flushed out, they can eat away at the walls of the pipes and eventually cause them to corrode. This issue is especially serious in older homes where lines are already more susceptible to wear and tear. The high-pressure jets used in pipe jetting can quickly and effectively remove any buildup and restore the cleanliness of your pipes, thus reducing the risk of corrosion.

Severe Sewer Line Damage Caused by Root Intrusions

Trees are naturally drawn to water sources and can send their roots searching. They can enter into cracks and breaks in pipes and cause them to block or break altogether. Hydro jetting roots is an effective way of clearing out these intrusions while they’re still small, thus avoiding costly repairs down the road.

Sewer jetting is quickly becoming the go-to plumbing solution for many homeowners and businesses alike. Its effective prevention of common plumbing problems makes it an excellent option for keeping your pipes clean, clog-free, and working efficiently. Contact Vietzke Drain & Rooter today to learn more about hydro jetting services or to schedule an appointment!

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